Siren Saintsin Headshot

Siren Saintsin

Sapphic Entertainer

Audio Performances

Pleasure is everything.

Kenzi Hale was very excited. “She’s amazing! And the sound of her voice…” We’d been looking for opportunities to incorporate additional narrators and collaborators as part of the evolving audio and video performances that Kenzi had been producing based on Cherish Desire stories.

And Kenzi was 100% sold on the idea that she and Siren would make beautiful things happen.

Siren was a pro. She understood her audience, connected with them in so many ways, and pursued her pleasure with them along for the ride. Kenzi was thrilled to work with her and for good reasons. Their collaboration on “Indoctrination (The Complete Seven Part Series)” was the first of several audio performances which highlighted Siren’s distinct style and rhythm.

At the same time, Siren was making changes. Love. Relocating. Discovering her preferences mattered. After many years of pouring her passions out into the world, she wanted to cherish the same and focus on what brought her joy.

Don’t we all?

Choose The Desires That Fulfill You.