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Silver Doll

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There’s this moment, when she is thinking about the shot, and time slows as she pulls the trigger. Lighing, props, and cast are placed for the scene framed as she wants it, but it’s still an experiment, a test, and she takes another go at it just in case. Despite the preparation and storyboarding, the truth is stashed away in digital, and she’ll alter it as she sees fit. That’s what the Silver Doll does. She creates the vision, captures it, and then manipulates it until it conveys the message.

Despite working with the Tainted Prince on the promotional book trailers for “Object Confessions, Collection 1” and “Object Confessions, Collection 2” and delivering on a vision, the Silver Doll usually focuses on horror and avant-garde productions. Her passion is conveyed by the self-reflective characters that portray both strength and vulnerability, and it’s a rare treat to hear her voice doing monologues or lingering in early proofs. The Silver Doll is just scratching the surface and has a lot more to offer!

The tricky part is the rhythm of the process. Creative work flows at its own pace, and it takes collaboration across multiple parties to pull together the cast, crew, and do a shoot. In the meantime, the Silver Doll is working on composition and element features within Cherish Desire book covers to bring a fresh and more direct look. She even stars in some of them! Getting her involved across the board to help with conveying a message about how Cherish Desire erotica feels above and beyond the individual story themes and text is part of a bigger drive to connect with our readers.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she’s got gorgeous in mind!

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