Emma Hart Profile Pic in latex dress

Emma Hart aka Emily Åström

The Fetish Seduction

Audio Performances

The whispering caresses of her voice linger.

We probably met at a Fetish Factory event. A long time ago now. There was always a crowd of admirers and fellow performers, music and fashionistas, and lots of latex or nothing at all. Occasionally, Star Trek uniforms, too.

When Cherish Desire was testing the waters around audio narration, Emma was one of the first people to come to mind. Her voice and cadence were naturally suited to spelling things out, one sexy word after another, and the sort of tone and pitch that would later be popularized under ASMR.

For Emma though, that was a time of transition. She had rapidly achieved recognition and fame at a cost. Stepping back, moving on to other pursuits, the initial two stories she narrated are all that remains of that collaboration. Her breathless performance of “Master’s Reminder” is a wonderful reminder of that moment in time.

Embrace Your Passions.