Passionately Unhinged Erotica

Some sexy stories need to be told.

Plunge into pleasures including D/s, Femdom, Fisting, Dildos, Cosplay, Cheating, Shapeshifters, and more…

Cherish Desire Erotica

Inspire your fantasies with intense erotica featuring extraordinary women pursuing perverse pleasures.

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Cherish Desire Erotica is different. We want more than the same conventional erotica, the same repetitive kinks, the same exaggerated phallic fixation, and the same unrealistic men and women.

You, me, and everyone we know wants to read about someone they can relate to, that they fantasize about already… someone as complicated and twisted as we are.

What do you desire? What turns you on? What secrets are you keeping? How dirty, perverse, and extreme do you need it? Are you willing to be corrupted? Are you willing to challenge your limits? What would it take to make you passionately unhinged?

That’s what we care about.


Very Dirty Stories

Very Dirty Stories features sexy short stories about brazen lust and passionate desires in a long running series full of action and perverse pleasures. Enjoy your preferred hardcore action and explore new fantasies involving specific sexual themes and enticing Cherish Desire ladies.

Become passionately unhinged

Cherish Desire Singles

Cherish Desire Singles titles assemble Very Dirty Stories story arcs into novella length books which delve into the hungers and needs of Cherish Desire ladies who are willing to embrace their passions and face their fears.

Tempt your desires

Very Wicked Dirty Stories

For a glimpse into the shadows at the strange, the unexpected, and the supernatural, Very Wicked Dirty Stories titles embrace short stories exposing dark rituals, devilish deals, and shapeshifters.

Corrupt your fantasies

Cherish Desire Divinations

Cherish Desire Divinations books go even further with novella length tales of the driven intensity and unyielding sexual demands of the gifted and cursed who linger in a world which has forgotten the mysteries of awakened spirits.

Sink your claws into the darkness

Free Orgasms

What if you needed something different, something lurid and wicked, to spark your imagination? What if the same old same old stopped turning you on? What if you wanted to know more than an anonymous photo or video upload could tell you? What if there was a way to get a taste of delicious depravity, perverse passions, and tawdry temptation for free?

You're in the right place. Explore free short stories, excerpts, audio clips, and promotional videos from Cherish Desire. Fair warning: our erotica may be too big for one-handed fun.

Embrace mutual satisfaction

Object Confessions

Is it so wrong to do what feels so good?  Every woman has a few guilty pleasures that she's only going to share in the dark!

Perversion requires trust, and unusual passions need demanding inspiration! The Ladies of Object Confessions boldly share their secrets as they succumb to lust, desire, and arousal.

Listen close to their perverse confessions

Sexy Identities

The world says, "Just be yourself," and then it rejects you for not conforming.  It's time to appreciate that sexy has never been limited to stereotypes, and time to accept that fantasies are not bound by conventional roles.  It's time to embrace our Sexy Identities.

Become the you that you needed to be

She Comes First

Power comes to the Women who seize it.

Sexy is a power play, and there's every reason to enjoy being on top! Empowered She Comes First legions boldly embrace Her strength and sort out men while demanding Her lust, desire, and arousal are properly serviced.

Enjoy Her power

Audio Erotica

Give your eyes a rest and enjoy passionate and damning audio erotica performances narrated for your pleasure.  Cherish Desire audio erotica includes short stories and full length novellas to tempt your desires and corrupt your fantasies.

Let their whispers caress your ears

Free Content

We’re all about enticing people into wicked temptations.  Enjoy something free to seduce your lust and desire.

Corrupt your fantasies with a sampling of Cherish Desire ladies and intense erotica stories.

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